Saturday, January 17, 2015

a good name

I was reading in Daniel this morning and it struck me that the three Hebrew children and Daniel had a reputation. When the king declared that everyone was to bow at the sound of the music to his idol, the three Hebrew children, of course, did not bow.  But the king would not have known that if it had not been for a few men watching those three men.  They already knew what the Hebrews stood for. They already knew they would not bow, so they watched and as soon as they did not bow, they ran to the king to tattle.  They said, you know those men's reputation of serving their God, you know of course, they would not bow. The same happened with Daniel. His reputation preceded the event of the lions' den. His enemies tried to use what they knew about him. They knew he was a praying man.  They tried to turn that into his downfall.  Again, running to the king to say Daniel wasn't following the king's command.
In both instances, these men, did not deny their actions, they proclaimed to the king their love for their God and how mighty He was.  They declared that they serve God no matter what, but that He would deliver them even in the midst of these terrifying circumstances.
The reputation they had with men, was of God worshipers, of servants of the Almighty God. They were not known as 'nice' or just 'good.'  They were known for their service to God. What a testimony others had of their lives.
I am reminded of a bookmark my parents gave all of us kids when we were young.  It was a lovely bookmark.  We each got one, but different colors for each of us.  I remember mine was pink with pink tassel and pretty pink flowers on it.  It was covered in hard plastic to make it sturdy.  On it was Proverbs 22:1
A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.
I asked my dad what that meant. He told me it was about reputation.  It was telling us that our reputation was very important and it was better to have a good reputation that be rich.
I think that is important as well, but I want to add to that: Not just a good reputation is to be sought, but a reputation as a lover of Christ, as a servant of God, as a God worshiper, as a praying person, would be even greater.
I want to make sure that when people speak of me, my reputation is that of a praying, God worshipping, lover of my God. I don't want to just be that nice person, I want to reflect God.
I don't want anything to take away from that. All that I do should reflect who God is and that he is the Almighty God.
Thinking today about reputation. What is it people say about you? What do you want them to say?  What do my actions say about God?  What does God want others to see in me?
 I think I have some changes to coming my way.

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