Saturday, January 31, 2015

what do my children see?

I actually teared up today as my children watched their dad jump up from the restaurant table and run over to pay an elderly couple's meal.  I got the privilege of answering the question, "Why is daddy doing that?"  I explained that the elderly gentleman was a War World 2 veteran and their daddy was extending honor and kindness to a deserving man.  They watched as their daddy spoke to the man and his companion, watched the man's face change from surprise to a great big smile as he tried to say no, and watched him pay for the meal.  I watched this event unfold with a proud heart knowing there was an impact being made on two young hearts.

The Word of God directs us to be example in our word, our conduct, our love, our spirit, our faith and in purity. (1Timothy 4:12).  I think we as parents are held to a responsibility to teach our children not only by telling them, but by showing them how to live for Christ. Children have the best perspective on a person's real personality and walk with God.  They live with you.  They are small and impressionable. They really do see their parents at their worst and at their best. Whether we like it or not, our children can really tell the stories of who we really are. I know I can tell some stories about my own parents that could make them look really bad or really good, based on the story I told.

So today, I really thought about the example we are setting for our two children.  What stories are they going to be able to tell about me?  Are they going to share a lot of stories about me losing my temper, being unfair, etc. or will it be about times of kindness, compassion, fun and care?  Will they be able to say I prayed and served God with all my heart, like I can about my mom and dad? Will they tell of times when we prayed and God answered?  Will they tell of hearing me sing praises to God even when times were tough?  Will they speak of the witness of seeing us go through the tough times and the good times by holding onto God's unchanging hand?  Wow, I have a lot of things to think about here.  I know they got a good taste today from watching daddy today. So I guess I will try to ask myself everyday:

What example am I setting for my children today?

our babies who learn from us

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